Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Detox or not to Detox?

Every January you can find a detoxification plan in nearly every health and fitness magazine out there.  While I appreciate the effort, I am not so sure about the intention or the methods suggested.  So why should we detox?  Detoxifying is a method of freeing your body and your mind of the things that no longer serve your health and well-being.  The problem is with all of the input our bodies and minds tolerate in a day, it is hard to know which things are no longer serving our health and wellness.

Detoxifying is an excellent way to solve the mysteries of all those symptoms you no longer want to tolerate.  Some of the mysteries you might need to solve:  Why am I so bloated and gassy?  Why can't I sleep?  Why don't I feel full?  Why can't I focus?  Why do I feel so much anxiety each day?  Why am I so irritable?  Why do I always seem to get sick?  Why do my skin/hair/fingernails appear so depleted? Why do I have no energy?  Why do I have trouble going to the bathroom?  Why am I always on a mood swing roller coaster?

Detoxifying is not a method to lose weight.  Yes, you probably will lose weight, but it will come back on as soon as you stop the detox.  However, if you use the detox to learn about your body's responses to foods and lifestyle, and make the necessary changes, you will then find the weight stays off as long as those changes remain permanent. 

Detoxifying is not a quick fix.  It is a difficult process that you will need to experiment with regularly.  Some folks buy the magazine, begin the program and realize it's too difficult to give up all the things a detox requires you to give up.  You can not, for example, do the detox plan without giving up caffeine.  Why go through the difficulty of cleansing the other substances and activities and yet leave one in?  You can't know your body's response until all of the suspect toxins are removed.

When I do a detox my goal is to clear out my system and then notice what changes.  If I give up caffeine does my sleep improve?  If I eliminate sugar do my cravings and mood swings throughout the day decrease?  When I limit my intake of wheat and gluten, do my bloating and digestive issues decrease?  This is what we need to know!

We often feel that we are at the mercy of the whims and tortures of our bodies which seem to latch on to illness or make us feel sore and achy without really realizing that our bodies are at the mercy of what we put in them!  The symptoms you feel are a reaction to the input the body is given.  Use a detoxification plan to find what input your body is finding difficult and make a permanent change, because you deserve to feel and live great!

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