Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm NOT Old!

As I move in the direction of my 50th year -away from being 40ish and toward that big mid-century mark, I wonder at our thinking in this culture.  I am in close to the best shape of my life, definitely happier than I've ever been, I am certainly wiser and I live closer to my Truth than at any time I can remember.  Yet, I am receiving cards that suggest I am old - saggy breasts, lagging memory, inability to have fun...all of these is suggested as part of this current old-age birthday.

I'm not buying it.  Funny?  Ok, but the truth is, I'm NOT old!  "Aging is NOT 'lost youth', but a new stage of opportunity and strength," said Betty Friedan.  I agree with Betty!  I refuse to allow myself to buy into a culture that fears old age, illness and death.  I celebrate this day of being alive again.  I am going sledding and plan to enjoy every moment of this day and the year to come.

If we look at aging as a slow road toward death, then that is exactly what it will be.  If we look at it as the opportunity it is, then opportunity will abound.  My aunt said not too long ago when we were on a hike that she feared the day when she would not be ale to walk and explore in nature.  My response was, "you'd just have to find a new adventure - painting, creating, knitting....."  A friend recently suggested she was old for not wanting to spend her New Year's Eve partying, drinking and eating.  Older or wiser?  I spent my New Year's Eve in a brand new way - at a Baptist Church.  What an amazing experience for me!

The point is, we need to stop buying into the media's way of portraying age, we need to stop buying into our cultural worship of youth.  There are some younger days I would NOT relive, if I was paid!  I am stronger than ever and it's because I choose to live a life where opportunity does lie around each and every corner!

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