Friday, December 30, 2011

What to drink.......

New Year's Eve is a holiday for drinking it seems, but what should you or shouldn't indulge in?  There's no problem in toasting with some champagne, but there are many other choices to make as well.   Drinking too much alcohol means you'll likely be feeling less than optimal on New Year's Day.  So minimize the alcohol and try some other choices.

Red wine is the one "healthy" choice you can make as far as the alcohol goes.   The antioxidants in red wine are linked to heart health benefits, reduced stress, and even preserving memory.  One to two glasses is plenty.  Better yet, mix a little red wine with some sparkling water for a bubbly mixture perfect for New Year's Eve!

Another idea for mixing with sparkling water is some cranberry or other juice.  Buy the unsweetened version and add just enough for color and flavor.  Mix and match for color and fun!  Depending on the juice you buy, you can have anti-oxidant benefits and the benefits of the fruit's vitamins.  Cranberry juice is great for the urinary system, carrots for vitamin A, lemons for vitamin C....the list goes on.

Make plain, filtered tap water your go to as a fill-in throughout the day and night - try to get in 4-5 glasses.  Flavored sparkling waters are always my beverage of choice as a special treat.  Have different flavors on hand just to try a different one and match up the flavor with a frozen fruit as garnish in the drink.  Try raspberry flavored water and sprinkle in a couple of frozen raspberries.  Or, lemon/lime flavored with a lime wedge.

It's not as hard as we think to enjoy a healthy New Year's celebration!  Check last week's post for advice on healthy eating as well!  Happy New Year and New You!

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