Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you sabotaging your life?

There are times when we set out for the day and it seems we hit all the green lights and things go smoothly on the commute and there are times when nothing seems to go our way and every intersection is red.  I have 2 friends who would pipe in on differing ends of the spectrum as to what might be going on.  The first would say, "Everything happens for a reason, there's a lesson for you in that......."  The second would say, "Come on! Life just happens, that's just life!"  So, which friend is right?

I think they both are right!  Life does just happen.  Lights turn red just because they do.  Construction is going on along your route, just because it is.  Copy machines break down, because that seems to be what they do on a regular basis.  Cars, phones, refrigerators, etc. all do the same thing......  We make mistakes, forget, drop things, etc. simply because we're human.  Right?

Well, when does it go beyond that?  When do you begin to create, to ignore, and even to wallow in the annoyances of life and being human?  We're getting into the Law of Attraction territory and this can be pretty tricky, because many would say it's pure baloney.  Maybe, maybe not.  The Law of Attraction states that whatever energy or vibration you put out to the world, you will attract that same energy or vibration.  If I create the energy of lack and fell like I never have enough time, money, love, etc. then that is what is returned to me.  Some of us can believe that and some of us can't - the physicists will have to hash out the science for the doubters. 

Doesn't matter, because there's also some brain science behind this.  Your brain is set up to wire strongly to those things you spend time on.  To make it simple, if you spend time with math, you will have stronger connections and wiring and faster connections and wiring to math things.  Let's take it to the original scenario - if the lights are turning red on your commute and you drop your keys getting out of the car, then bump your head as your stand up  and decide today is going to be a bad day, the things you see and notice will be negative and will back up your position.  Today is going to be a bad day, puts your brain on alert to look for all the bad things it can around you!  Therefore, that is what you perceive.....

Some folks try this - they wake up in the morning and say today is going to be a good day and they think they are telling the brain to see the good in the day, but they don't really BELIEVE it.  Sometimes, it's too big a jump, too big a change to get yourself to believe in seeing the good, the positive, the fun, the loving, etc.  You might need to take baby steps and just say, my time with so-and-so will be fun, after work will be peaceful for me, when I no longer have to drive I will find calm......  As you get used to doing this, it will become easier until you can believe that you are setting your mind up for just seeing good things - you will find then that when life happens and the red light stops you, or the copier breaks down, you are less likely to feel upset or angry or frustrated.  You are able to shrug it off!  You might even be able to laugh about it!

How will you stop sabotaging yourself this week?

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