Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Eating

One of the most annoying recommendations I read in magazines giving advice regarding holiday eating is "don't go to the holiday party hungry."  What!?  Of course, I am going to the holiday party hungry!  I don't have time to make myself dinner and get everything else done and go to the party!  Plus, why not enjoy some party treats!?  It's the holidays!

So, here are my recommendations:
~  If you need to bring something, make or buy what you bring delicious and healthy.  The 2 can go together, I swear!  Find something you can enjoy and not feel guilty about!
~  Think about your plate or your choices as a pie.  One half of the pie is fruits and vegetables - eat or take these first.  The second half split into quarters - one quarter for proteins such as nuts, meat, cheese or dips (hopefully made from cream cheese, yogurt, or cottage cheese), make the last quarter for breads and crackers or pasta (hopefully, whole grain, but don't sweat it, it's the holidays).
~  Make the dessert choices you indulge in something really special and wonderful and savor every bite.  Don't create the mindset that you can eat one whole serving of everything because it's the holidays.  Create the mindset, that you can enjoy what will give you the most pleasure and choose those treats.
~  Don't overeat.  Give yourself a gift and eat mindfully and with pleasure - not with gluttony, making yourself feel bloated and uncomfortable.  You deserve the gift of feeling great and enjoying!
~  On that same note, don't drink too much alcohol.  You want to feel good, sleep well and enjoy right?!  If you drink too much and regret things later either because you feel physically unwell or because you said and did things you regret, where's the fun in that?

What will you enjoy and savor this holiday season?

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